Lumia Creative Studio survives as a bunch of Lumia apps (StoryTeller, Panorama, Refocus…) get on the chopping block.


Microsoft announced that it’s killing off a bunch of Lumia apps. They are:

Lumia Story Teller

Lumia Beamer

Lumia PhotoBeamer

Lumia Panorama

Lumia Refocus

Lumia Video Uploader

In a blog post on their official Lumia blog website, Microsoft cites the reason for this as a means to “streamline the photo experience on Windows“. You can read the full article on Lumia Conversations

If you have these apps installed (very unlikely) you can still use them but from October 30th, all online services used by these apps will be terminated, rendering them useless.

The apps have already been pulled from the Windows store.

And as you would imagine, this latest apps layoff from Microsoft as resulted in outrage by loyal Lumia or die hard Windows Phone users.

Check out this humorous “When Hitler finds out” video showing the frustrations of Windows Phone users after receiving the news that these apps are now scraped from the store…

Many are frustrated by Microsoft’s decision to kill these Lumia apps while they actively develop apps for Android and iOS (see the new Skype app or the Outlook Mail app on Android/iOS for instance). But let’s be honest, if you are reading this, how many times have you actually used any of these apps?

I’ll be honest, I have used the Panorama app a couple of times (to make Facebook cover photos). I have also used the Video uploader app one time, ONE TIME! The rest, I have never downloaded from the store.


There is a suggestion in the Lumia Camera Uservoice calling for all these apps to be integrated into Windows Camera, maybe that’s what Microsoft is doing? Even if it is, I think they should have gotten that version of the Windows Camera app released first before scraping the originals.

I think Microsoft should have provided alternatives to these apps before killing them off, for example the Lumia Panorama, Refocus and Video uploader apps can easily be integrated into the Lumia Camera (Windows Camera app). The StoryTeller, Beamer apps can easily be developed by 3rd party, infact I think there should be third party alternatives in the store right now (I would have to check) but if there aren’t, then I don’t know what Microsoft was thinking. It’s like they wake up everyday looking for new innovative ways to lose more marketshare.

Lumia Creative studio


The good news is that Lumia Cinemagraph and Lumia Creative Studio are still very alive and kicking. I think the fact that you can export your Cinemagraphs as GIFs¬†brought the Cinemagraph app back to life. Lumia Creative studio is a great photo editing app. I’m sure these apps are used by many, if not they would have been chopped also. But only time will tell.

So my question to you is… Do you use any of these apps? If you do, which one(s)?

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