Leaked screenshots show new Skype universal messaging app on Windows 10 Mobile


It’s been more than a couple of years since Microsoft acquired Skype and they still have nothing to show for it. Well, all that is about to change. Earlier this year (January), Microsoft announced its plans to integrate Skype into its SMS app (just like Google Hangout or Apple iMessage). They even showed us concepts of how it would work.

But that was then, because now courtesy of Russian website onetile.ru we get to see the first screenshots of the unified messaging platform which comprises of SMS, Skype and Video…

This is the first useful thing Microsoft has done with Skype, it’s a shame they didn’t think about this sooner.

According to onetile.ru, the app is still in early development and as such is very buggy but Microsoft have said it will be ready this fall, so it wouldn’t be long before we get our hands on it.

Also, the app will become available form the Windows store and will replace the standard SMS app available now. This also means that it will get updated from the store as well.

Source: OneTile via WMPU