Microsoft Edge will support HTML5 even better in future Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds



The launch of Windows 10 is now a few weeks ago already and with the brand new operating system, the company did also bring a completely new Browser to experience the web in a more convenient, faster and more beautiful way. In the mean time Microsoft has released another Build of Windows 10 which has brought some improvements to Microsoft Edge, however just a few hours ago Kyle Pflug has published a teasing screenshot on Twitter which that the Microsoft Edge team continues on trying to make Microsoft Edge the best or at least a competitive browser for Google’s Chrome Browser.

At the HTML 5 Testing Website, the Microsoft Edge Browser of the RTM Build which has been release about four weeks ago to the public, Microsoft’s Browser scored 402 points while the new version of Microsoft Edge which will be released with the next Build is scoring 440 points so the browser is still improving and will probably be a lot better with the Threshold 2 release. If you consider that the HTML 5 Testing Website version 6.0 is not supporting Point Events currently you can even add 5 points to the latest version of Microsoft Edge which brings a final result of 445 points. So actually the browser has been improved from RTM version to now by 5 points already.

Below you can have a look at the tweet from Kyle Pflug with the teasing screenshot:

Unfortunately the teaser is not saying anything about the release of the next Windows 10 Insider Build. However it is great to see the progress here and I am looking foward to the release of Threshold 2 for the public. Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on the Microsoft Edge Browser, what have been your experiences with Microsoft’s new browser? Stay tuned for more information on new Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds.

Source: Neowin