Rumor: October 19th launch date for Lumia 940 & 940XL?


The guys at NokiaPowerUser are reporting that according to a a tip from an anonymous source, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, Band 2, Lumia 940 & 940XL launch event in NYC will be held on October 19th.

If you recall, there has been a lot of rumor going around about a Microsoft event taking place sometime between end of September and early October.

This is the first one with a specific date: October 19th.

Let’s take this date with a pinch of salt though, as you know Microsoft is yet to even acknowledge the existence of any of these devices, let alone announce/confirm a event in October.

Though, I would bet that the IFA event in Sept would be the place where Microsoft will announce their upcoming event.

But the 19th of October sounds plausible, if you are familiar wuth the numbers game Microsoft plays all the time then you can already see how these dates can  be manipulated into the number 10.

For instance, 19/10/2015…. 1+9+1+0+2+0+1+5= 19, 1+9=10!

Though, I would have personally gone with the 10th of October. 10/10/2015. 1+0+1+0+2+0+1+5=10! Besides the 10th of October sounds even better as it falls into the “early October” time frame leaked by @evleaks, even Tom Warren of TheVerge said an event will be held in October, though he never specified it being in early October.

The only thing we do know for sure is that before the end of October we should be getting our hands on new Windows 10 products!

Source: NPU