Microsoft releases ‘Bing Snapshot’ for Android to compete with Google ‘Now On Tap’



Yesterday Bing has announced on its very own Blog that they are releasing a new knowledge and action graph API which will be available for Developers on the Android Platform. The thing with this new API, similar to Google’s ‘Now on Tap’, is if the user wants to get some information about an interpret for example he should not be prompted to exit his current app and switch over to search. Instead the developer should integrate this new Bing API which makes it possible for the user by long holding the home button, accessing every information he needs to have about an specific topic. There it doesn’t matter if it is a Music, Video or Photo app, Bing will try to filter out all the relevant information of the current content and show the user the relevant stuff in one handy place where he has not to exit his app to access this information.

Now Microsoft is releasing more an more of their services also for other platforms, therefor the Office Suite for example is also available on an Android and iOS devices. Outlook Apps and all that stuff can now be used on such devices in the same way like they can be used on Windows Phone or in the near future Windows 10 Mobile. users of different platforms are often discussing about how much sense it makes when Microsoft releases its services also for other platforms instead of for their own, however that is a different story.

Microsoft’s latest addition to their services on other platforms is the Bing Snapshot feature which can be used if you have installed the Bing app on your Android device. Bing Snapshots is a project from Microsoft to show of what the new knowledge and action graph API is capable of. It can be brought up by long pressing the home button, if you do this it will bring up another window where relevant information to the video or content you are currently looking at gets displayed. So as shown in the video below you can for example hold the home button until Bing Snapshots starts and it will show you all the relevant info to the video.
The great advantage of this app is of course that there is no need for you to leave the app or anything, just long press the home button have a look at Bing Snapshot and immediately switch back to the app where you have been.

Have a look at the video below to get an idea what Bing Snapshot is all about.

Source: Office Blog