Group feature for OneDrive will be discontinued by Microsoft in October



Earyier Microsoft has introduced a feature which they called ‘Groups’ Thuis was another way how you could share files with specific people. Now it is possible in OneDrive to share single files and even folders which makes this Groups feature somehow not woth to use it anymore. Microsoft might have thought the same and that’s why they are discontinueing this feature, starting with october this year.

Ther has not been an official announcement to this from the company, though the OneDrive Team seems to be sending emails to OneDrive Users who are currently also using this Groups feature.

Below you can have a look at how these emails are looking like and what possible workarounds can be if you are using this feature and do not want to loose all the files which you have shared in a group.

We’re emailing you because you’re a member of one or more groups in OneDrive. Groups will no longer be available in OneDrive after 16 October 2015, and all group files and info will be deleted. To see your groups, go to OneDrive‍.com, sign in and then look under Groups in the navigation pane. If you want to keep any of the group files, follow the steps in Move files from a group to your own OneDrive. To share the files again after you move them to your own OneDrive, see Share files and folders and change permissions.

Are you one of the users wh was using this feature or is still using it? Drop me a comment below with your thoughts about this decisision from Microsoft and if you think the sharing feature is enough for these days.
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Source: WMPowerUser