[Video] Performance Comparison between sideloaded Android Apps and Windows Phone Apps



Just a few days back Microsoft has published a new Build of the Windows 10 Mobile insider Preview Build. The operating system is still not finished and since the release is said to happen in November the company does still have some time to make it a fluent and stable next generation OS just like we are used to it from Windows Phone. However what they have announced and has now been made available is the Project Astoria.

Project Astoria should make it easier for Android and iOS developers to import their apps to the Windows Mobile ecosystem. So far a developer, if he wanted to release his app for Windows Phone, had to start all over again with the development which meant that basically he had to write a new app from scratch. This is not the best way to convince developers to make apps for this operating system especially if the OS doesn’t have such a high marketshare like iOS or Android. Therefore the company has now introduced Project Astoria, if a developer uses this he can import most of the code he has written for the Android or iOS platform to Windows Mobile. Of course he has to do some modifications for the notifications for example so that they are showing up in the Action Center, also Cortana would be a thing which the developer would have to separately implement in the app. Though he wouldn’t have to do a completely new app which is of course a big advantage compared to Windows Phone.

Currently Windows 10 Mobile is in Preview state and that means not everything is doing what it should just yet. This brought the ability to download and sideload .apk files from the Google Play Store directly on a Windows 10 Mobile device. Now of course plain Android apps which have been made for the Android platform without any modifications are not the best choice to use on a Windows Mobile device, though it is a way to use services which are currently not available for Microsofts ecosystem and if you do not need notifications, Cortana integration or stuff like that it is not that bad to use them.

To give you an impression what plain Android apps, downloaded form the Google play Store, do look like you can watch the embed video below. Feel free to drop me some comments below with your opinion and if you have any suggestions for future videos do not hesitate to let me know. Stay tuned for more videos, we will also do a comparison between the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build which Microsoft has released over a month ago, Build 10166 and the latest Build 10512 in the near future.