50 Million people around the globe are now using Windows 10



On the 29th of July Microsoft has finally released Windows 10 after a long period of testing together with the Windows Insider Community. So the release has been only 18 days ago and we already had a few headlines with numbers referring to how of Windows 10 has been downloaded and installed already and now we have some new numbers. According to the sources of WinBeta there are now 50 Million PC’s worldwide which are running Windows 10. This is an important number because it shows people who have not upgraded to the latest operating system from Microsoft yet, that Windows 10 is doing pretty well and it is save to upgrade.

The company is still rolling out the OS so there are still being added more and more PC’s from week to week. There didn’t even have everyone the chance to upgrade yet which means that we can expect these numbers to continue to rise in the upcoming weeks an months. If you consider that just seven days ago the number of Windows 10 machines was about half of what we have today you can see that there is some potential here, and that it will keep growing thought the official release was some time ago already. According to the sources of WinBeta Microsoft has continued to make Windows 10 available for a lot of new compatible PC’s which does also explain this fast growth in the last few days.

Windows 10 is a good continuation to Microsofts operating systems though it is not perfect yet and therefor the company is already working on Threshold 2. This will be a bigger update which is expected to launch in October and will bring some changes or better said new features to Windows 10 while the updates Microsoft is currently releasing are only for fixing various things in the OS. The Threshold 2 Update is said to bring massive improvements to Microsofts new browser, Microsoft Edge, whereas one part of that would be the support for extensions which is a long awaited feature for the browser. Hopefully they will also add the ability to pin single tabs to the task bar since this is actually the only reason why I am still using Internet Explorer as my main browser. Another feature which will come with Windows 10 will be a Universal Messaging app, just like the one Apple does already have.

So what is your overall experience with Windows 10, or haven’t you upgrade to the latest operating system from Microsoft yet? Drop me a comment below with your opinion abd if you think Microsoft is missing some important features with Threshold 2. Stay tuned for more information on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Source: WinBeta