With this tool you can sideload Android apps in a more convenient and faster way on your Windows 10 Mobile device



Since yesterday it is possible to install Android apps on some Windows 10 Mobile devices, however this was a very complicated way to do this and it was it risky since there was a lot what could have go wrong. However at the Vietnamese Windows Phone Forum WinPhoneViet a user has made a tool for this purpose which is using exactly the same method as the one which leaked yesterday, with the difference that you will have to do anything with the Command Prompt since the tool is doing that for you.

The only real problem with this is, that the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview doesn’t seem to be stable enough yet since if you enable the developer mode on your phone which you have to do in order to sideload apps, after some time you can not access these settings on your phone anymore and as a result you will not be able to see the pairing code anymore which you will need to pair your phone with the PC. According to latest rumors Microsoft will publish the next Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview sometime next week and maybe this problem will then be fixed, we will see.

However, you are probably here to know how you can use this tool and how it works, well below you can have a look at the few simple steps in order to sideload Android apps on your Windows 10 Mobile device:

  1. Download
    First of all you will have to download the APK Deployment Tool for Windows 10 Mobile which you can get from here.
  2. Prepare your Phone and PC
    In case you have not done this yet, open the Settings App on your phone –> Update & Security –> for developers –> choose ‘Developer mode’ and enable ‘Device discovery’. If you have done that switch to your PC, extract the downloaded archive and install ‘IpOverUsbInstaller.msi’ and ‘vcredist_x86.exe’ since you will need this to in order that the tool can do its work properly.

  3. Windows10MobileForDevelopers

  4. Start the Tool
    Once you have finished preparing, have another look in the extracted folder and double click on APKDeployment.exe which will fire up the tool. now you can connect your phone and click on ‘pair’ insider the developer settings. A PIN will appear which you have to enter on the top of the APK Deployment Tool for Windows 10 Mobile. Now you can simply drag and drop your downloaded .apk files (Android Apps) inside the application and it will install them on your phone if you click on ‘Deploy All’ at the bottom left.


You can also have a look at the video embed below, which has been uploaded by KidA7 the user of this Vietnamese Forum who has also made this tool. There he is showing how you should use this tool and what you can do with it.

Source: WinPhoneViet