Record your favorite TV series with your PC and stream them to any Windows 10 device



Today Microsoft has hold it’s press conference at the Gamescon which is currently taking place in Germany and there the company from Redmond has announced a few interesting things. Not only that we now know that Windows 10 will arrive in November for the Xbox One, but they have also said that with an Update in 2016 the console will be fully capable of DVR which allows you to record TV series over the air and allows you to stream anything to a Windows 10 device.

Windows 10 for the PC has been released last week on the 29th of July and it seems like people are impressed of Windows 10 over all since the new operating system is running on over 67 Million devices world wide already. However this is only the beginning of Microsofts strategy since the OS will be released for mobile devices and the Xbox One console too. Now this means that Microsoft does have one universal operating system for all of their platforms and this does bring some advantages. DVR will be a free feature, available in 2016 which makes it possible to record TV Series and then stream them to all Windows 10 devices. There it does not matter it you want to stream it to a Smartphone running Windows 10 or a Tablet / PC.


Unfortunatly Microsoft has not mentioned and specific release that for this feature except that they said it will come in 2016. So what do you think of this additional feature for your Xbox One console? Feel free to drop me a comment below with your thoughts. Be sure to stay tuned for more information about Microsofts press conference at the Gamescon 2015.