Microsoft announces Keyboard for Xbox One Controller, available to pre-order now



Microsoft is currently holding it’s conference at Gamescom 2015 and apart from games there have been revealed also a few new things about upcoming features and devices for the Xbox One console and Windows 10 PC’s. According to Phil Spencer, people were asking for a way to more quickly chat on a console and because they are listening to the community they have introduced a full QWERTY keyboard which can bee connected directly to your controller.


The keyboard will work with both, Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PC’s so it doesn’t matter where you are using your Xbox One Controller, you will be able to use this keyboard too. Most PC’s do have a keyboard already, however if you stream your Xbox One to your Surface for example you might not have a keyboard and can then use this attachable one. On the left and right side you do get also some volume controls which are faster and easier access and you are even getting two programmable button which is very cool. Imaging making a screenshot or start recording a game with just one button, no problem with this new keyboard.


If you are interested in this new product by Microsoft there is some draw back. It is available for pre order starting today, however it will then be shipped in November so you still have to wait a bit for that.
Feel free to drop me a comment below about this new gadget for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Stay tuned for more information on the Gamescon conference which is currently taking place in Germany.