Halo Wars 2: Start playing on your Console and end it on your PC



Halo is a long ongoing shooter row from Microsoft. It is a very traditional game and since it was released for the first time, the game was exclusively available to the Xbox One. However with Windows 10 Microsoft is bringing universal operating system for all of their platforms and with Halo Wars it seems that Microsoft is bringing a universal Halo row which will be coexisting with the main Halo row which is still a Halo exclusive game.

Halo Wars is developed by 343 Industries together with Microsoft Studios and they are trying to bring the full Halo feeling also to the PC. At the Gamescom press conference today in Germany from Microsoft, the company has announced that there will be a second part for this row and it seems like this time it will be a more advanced gameplay, below you can have a look at the first trailer which the company did also show today at the Gamescome.