Lumia 940/XL and 840 Next Devices From Microsoft



New devices from Microsoft are expected in the coming months to tie in with the release of Window 10 Mobile, and a new hint suggests the branding of the next three smartphones from Microsoft will be the Lumia 940 (rather than 950), Lumia 940XL and the Lumia 840. These are part of a new cycle of smartphones ranging in specs that will be released in the next 12 months.

Expected specifications for the higher end 940/XL are thought to be;

Display; Lumia 950XL 5.7 inch 1440 X 2560, 950; 1440 X 2560 5.2 Inch.

CPU: Both hexacore Snapdragon 810 processors with 3GB of RAM.

Camera: Both 20MP PureView 5MP(?) Front Camera.

Storage: 32GB with MicroSD expansion.

Controls: On Screen Virtual Buttons

No exact dates are given in, but according to NPU’s source, from Microsoft Mobile’s marketing team who they say is “hard to ignore” the Lumia 840 will be available “by end of the year after the flagships have been announced and released to market.”

Regardless of branding we can at least be fairly confident that new flagship smartphones will soon be coming from the Microsoft team.

Nokia Power User WMPU