Here are the Bugfixes which did come with Update KB3074674 for Windows 10



The release of Windows 10 is ahead, not the one for mobile devices but at least for desktops and tablets we will get a new operating system to install on the 29th of July. Everyone who is currently running Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 can even do a free upgrade from the current Windows version to the latest one. Build 10240 is the latest Insider Preview Build which has been released by Microsoft and this one does even have RTM status. This means Build 10240 is the final version of Windows at least for now and will be released on the 29th of July it is also the version which will be installed on devices which are shipped with Windows 10.

Now Microsoft has already published a few updates for Build 10240 of Windows 10 and the latest one was the security update KB3074674. Below you can have a look at the bigfixes which this update has included in case you are interested in.

TFS work item number Area Description
3513346 App deployment We made changes to the licensing process for preinstalled apps to ensure that those apps can continue to be run after a user updates those apps and then refreshes or resets a Windows 10 device.
3485881 Battery We implemented a change in the audio player’s handling of timers to ensure the proper amount of battery usage after a user puts a device into standby or hibernation mode.
3592057 Connectivity We separated the component ID for the Wi-Fi Network Manager from the Windows Connection Manager (WCM) component ID during always on, always connected (AOAC) reference attributions to make the debugging and fixing of power-related issues easier.
3428049 Media We made reliability improvements to ensure that the Movies & TV app can resume the video playback of protected content successfully if the app had been previously suspended while the protected content was playing.
3227030 Media We implemented changes to ensure that the casting of online content (for example, casting to a Miracast receiver) works successfully while the network is busy with device lookup.
3415269 Miracast We made changes to ensure that video playback remains smooth if a user is playing hardware digital rights management (DRM) protected content on a popular streaming player web site in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, and then the user makes a Miracast connection to play the protected content on another device without stopping the playback.
3256299 Miracast We made changes to devices that use a Miracast companion driver to ensure that Miracast connections occur quickly and without any dropped frames.
3458899 Push-button reset We made changes to ensure that a push-button reset has enough memory to succeed on a device that has multiple languages installed.
3406833 Text input We implemented changes on tablet-style devices to ensure that the onscreen keyboard is available whenever necessary (for example, to create a PIN) after a user joins a cloud domain (for example, to log on to a work or school account) and then completes an out-of-box experience (OOBE).

Source: WZor