Update to the latest Windows 10 Build or you will not be able to use the latest version of the App Store



It seemed to be a very logical step, to introduce a Universal App Store for both, the mobile and the desktop operating system from Microsoft. Now with earlier versions of Windows (Windows Phone, Windows 8) this would not have made sense. However with Windows 10 the company is introducing the Universal Apps which makes it very easy for developers to make now apps and release them for all Windows platforms at the same time. A lot of system apps, like the Outlook Mail, Calendar, Alarms, Calculator etc. are Universal apps. This means that in the world clock app for example, if you resize it to the size of the phone display it will be displayed in the same way like on the phone. Same counts for all the other Universal App, this is only possible because hand in hand with the Universal apps there does also come the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Because of these two new features, Universal Apps and the Universal Windows Platform, it was only a matter of time until Microsoft releases a Universal App store which offers apps for all of their platforms.

So Microsoft has released an Update for the Windows 10 Store already and along with that there does also come a little problem if you are not running the latest Build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview. The thing is, that Build 10240 is the RTM version of Windows 10 or in different words, this is the version which OEM’s are installing on their hardware to sell it with Windows. Unfortunately the new Store App does only work on the release version of Windows, if you are running an older version of Windows 10 you will not be able to install any apps anymore, in fact you be able to even open the store. Gabriel Aul has tweeted the following to this problem:

If you follow the link Gabriel has tweeted, you will be directed to the Windows 10 Insider App where the problem with the new App Store is explained. Below you can have a look at the most important part of the article:

Hello Windows Insiders,

The Windows 10 Store team has been making some great fixes and improvements to reliability and performance. To ensure you are able to benefit from these important updates, starting July 24 we will be requiring Insiders who are not running the latest Windows 10 operating system to upgrade their PC; otherwise those affected will be unable to experience the Windows 10 Store. Check Windows Update to make sure you have installed the latest build and the most recent updates.

Now, as already mentioned, Build 10240 is the release version of Windows 10 so this will not be a problem for people who are upgrading from Windows 8 or 7 since they will directly get this version of Windows 10. This might be only a problem if you are Windows Insider and have not upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10 yet, however then you can simply open the Settings app and check for updates. The latest Build of Windows 10 should then be detected by Windows Update and you will be able to open the Store App again.

Are you affected by this problem, drop me a comment below if you are or if not and stay tuned for more information on the Windows 10 Launch and new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds.

Source: Gabriel Aul via Neowin