Xbox One will receive Mouse (and Keyboard) support



Microsoft is very busy currently, mostly because one of their biggest launches is ahead, yeah right the one of Windows 10. Beside that they are also working on Windows 10 Mobile but there is another important section of Microsoft, yes the Xbox section. The company has invested a lot of time in making the Xbox One the best console yet and according to the earning numbers Microsoft has recently released for the last quarter the console is now selling pretty good. This might have happened because Microsoft has introduced limited backwards compatibility some time ago but they have also made it possible to stream Xbox One Games from the console directly to the PC, you can even have a complete remote access to the Xbox via your Windows 10 PC. And because people at Microsoft literally do not sleep there is now another cool thing which Xbox owners can look forward.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox section group at Microsoft has recently confirmed that there will be added MOuse and Keyboard support to the Xbox One in the near future. Actually a keyboard is already supported by the Xbox as some users say on Twitter but you will not be able to use a mouse with your Xbox and this will change soon. IN replay to a Twitter user who has asked for mouse support, Phil Spencer has answered: “Yep, keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this to work, those aren’t far away.

Microsoft is working on the next generation of Windows, and as you might now this will be an universal operating system for all platform Microsoft is offering, so you will be able to use Windows 10 on the PC, Tablet, Phone and your Xbox. Microsoft has not revealed very much of operating system for the Xbox yet, though they have said that a reales of a first beta of Windows 10 is planned for post summer. So it is likely that we will not only get mouse support additionally to the keyboard support but it might be also possible to remotely access your Windows PC with your Xbox. Since a user on twitter has said to Phil that this would be a nice feature and he has answered that he likes the idea but there are not any plans yet. So all we can do for now is to wait for Microsoft to release the first beta version of Windows 10 for the Xbox.

So what do you think, it is now possible to stream games from a Xbox to a Windows 10 PC and you can even remotely access the console, to you think it will be ever possible to do this in the reverted direction? Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this topic and stay tuned for more information about the Xbox One and new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds.

Source: Phil Spencer