Panos Panay responsible for the Surface row is now responsible for all Microsoft hardware



Microsoft is currently in something like a transformation. There is on the one hand the operating system which gets completely overhauled for both Desktops as well as Mobile devices. And there is on the other hand the employee and section transformation which Microsoft is currently performing under the lead of Satya Nadella. Especially when it comes to the companies employees there have been a lot of headlines in the new lately. The redmonder company has bought the well known phone manufacturer Nokia some time ago and as a result they have dismissed a lot of employees which originally came from Nokia, one of the big names which was under these employees was Stephen Elop. Stephen Elop was the former Nokia CEO and with the acquisition he was one of many employees who came from Nokia to Microsoft.

According to Mary Jo Foley from ZDnet Microsoft is now bringing some of the smartphone section to Panos Panay. So far he was responsible for the engineering of the Surface row which was not that successful with the first generation of Surface tablets but they are gaining some market share now. With this recent change he will now take care also of the engineering of new premium smartphones from Microsoft. That makes him supporting Terry Myerson who is currently responsible for the device group of Microsoft because Stephen Elop has left the company.
As mentioned the Surface row was not that successful with its first generation, however the latest addition to the Pro segment from Microsoft has exceeded the expected sales numbers which means that they have made $1 Billion in the recent quarter with Surface sales.

So having Panos Panay take over the engineering of the devices section from Microsoft, do you think we will finally see the long awaited Surface Phone? I have to say that I would love so see such a device from Microsoft, however according to my experience with Nokia Lumia 930 which has an aluminium frame they have to work on the heat reduction abit before they can release a phone, fully covered with aluminium, but that’s just my personal opinion.
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Source: ZDnet