Want to change the Log On Screen in Windows 10, here is how



Microsoft has set the launch date for Windows 10 on the 29th of July and that means there are not even 10 days left until the next generation of Windows 10 will be launch globally. Windows 10 is a very solid and stable OS which is ready for the public release, thanks to the Windows Insider Community but also to the hard working team at Microsoft between Windows 10.

Compared to older OS’s from Microsoft, the company is offering here a lot of settings to customize it in a way you like it. This begins with the resizable start menu, the ability to choose a color which changes depending on your wallpaper and goes up to the ability to choose between a light or a dark theme. One essential thing is still missing in this personalization thing, the Log On screen.

About one month ago, we were able to get a first glance at the new log on screen with a Build which has been released at this time. Currently the Windows 10 Hero Image is the default background if you hit the log in screen on your Windows 10 PC. Microsoft has invested a lot of time and money in this new wallpaper and therefor it is not only the default login screen but also the default desktop wallpaper. The one mentioned last can be easily changed under personalization in the settings app, however there is currently now way to change the login screen with system tools. Microsoft will probably add this feature later on after the release of Windows 10 since the Windows Insider Programm continues and there will probably be a few users asking for this feature.

Still there is a third party tool which allows you to change the log in screen even Microsoft is not offering this yet. In order to get this working you have to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Download:
    First thing first, so head over to OneDrive and download the Tool in order to change your log in screen background.
  2. Installation:
    This stepp shouldn’t be a problem, all you have to do is to follw the on screen instructions just like with every other set up.
  3. Image or solid color?:
    Once you have finished preparing, you can decide between setting an image or a solid color as background.
  4. Browser:
    With browse you can obviously choose an image to set it as background.
  5. Color:
    If you prefer to have just one color as your background when you log in, you can also click on ‘Choose a color’ and well choose a color
  6. Change in progress:
    Don’t be too impatient just wait a bit after you have clicked on ‘Change Background’ until the program has applied the changes, do not close it too fast.
  7. See result:
    After the tool has finished, log off or lock you pc to have a look at the new log in screen.


As the message at the start up of the tool warns you, the developers of the tool are not liable for anything which goes wrong with this, same counts for us here at OneTechStop.
Apart from that, this is a pretty cool tool to get even further customization in Windows 10. Nevertheless wit would be great if Microsoft adds an ‘official’ way to change this so that also people who are not regularly reading tech blogs are able to change this easily.
Of course we will keep you up to date about this topic and will inform you as soon as there is anything to add to this story. Until then drop me a comment below with your opinion and what you think if Microsoft should add a way to change the log in screen or not.

Stay tuned for more customization methods of Windows 10 and new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds, stay safe.

Source: My Digital Life