Pushbullet For Android Adds Full SMS Support



It seems not too long ago that Pushbullet was just a convenient app for sharing images and articles with a few close friends who also had the app. Eventually, Pushbullet introduced SMS mirroring, which was huge for me, as I’d been wanting to be able to text from my computer for the absolute longest time. It worked ok, but again, it was just a mirroring service. Then a couple weeks ago, Pushbullet pushed (ha) an update that left a lot of people a little dazed and confused. It was like you were having conversations with people through pushes, which, again, worked ok, but it wasn’t exactly the common man’s ideal form of communication.

Fast forward to today, and Pushbullet has added FULL sms support. That’s right, folks, now you can use Pushbullet as your main sms client on your phone, and computer, without missing a beat.


If this update improves the stability of sms through the pc (which it should), I’m really excited to start using it and see if it’s good enough to replace Google Messenger. If you have an Android phone yourself and want to try it out, head over to the Google Play Store here to grab it.

Oh, and get your friends to get it too.

It’s more fun that way.

via: PushBullet