FeedLab, the easiest way to follow your Feeds on Windows Phone



FeedLab is a new App which has been published recently in the Windows Phone Store by ClevLab, the name of the developer might not sound very familiar to you, though this might be a name we can hear more often in the future of Windows Phone aka Windows 10 Mobile.
What we can probably not deny is that there is a small app gap in the Windows ecosystem, this does also mean that you might not be able to find an app for all your favorite websites in the store (I guess this will change with Windows 10 Universal Apps) however there is still the way to subscribe to all the RSS Feeds which websites are offering and then the only thing left is an app which brings all your RSS Feeds to one place and provides a beautiful design at the same time.


There are a few such apps in the Windows Phone store already of course, like the very popular and beautiful Nextgen Reader app which is currently available for $1.99 in the Windows Phone app store or the highly appreciated Phonly app which is in contrast to the Nextgen Reader app available for free in the store. But now we have another app in the store which joins this community of RSS Feed Apps which is currently available for free as well.

The developer has released a few apps for Windows Phone already and he did also invest a lot of work in his latest addition to his app collection. Before the app was publicly available in the Windows Phone Store for everyone to download, there was a two-month private beta with over 4500 Beta testers. This allowed the developer not only to find almost all the bugs but he could also receive a lot of feedback about what’s good and what’s bad in order to correct that.

Below you can have a look at the feature list of this app:

  • Add the RSS feeds of your favorite websites, blogs, magazines and journals
  • Group your feeds in categories
  • Order and customize your categories as you wish
  • Customize the display of articles as you wish (only the title, with small or large images, or even large tiles)
  • Find the summary of each article, with the ability to continue the reading to the desired website
  • Discover optimized gestures to simplify your daily use
  • Live tiles: pin your favorite categories on the home screen of your phone
  • Via the speech feature, listen your articles
  • Launch a new search on FeedLab directly from Cortana


So as you can see, this app can do quite a lot more then just showing you your RSS Feeds. If you are using RSS Feeds a lot, I’d recommend you to head over to the store and to try the app, maybe it is an equal competitor to your current app.
Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on this new FeedLab app and if you think that this app can compete with all the other Feed Apps in the Windows Store. Stay tuned for more information about new Windows Phone apps and new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds.


Source: Windows Phone Store