You will be able to buy a PC with Windows 10 pre-installed ‘very soon’ after the 29th of July



The Official Launch of Windows 10 is ahead as you might know. Microsoft is currently preparing everything for the July 29th which the company has confirmed back in June already that this date will be the date for the launch of the new operating system, at least for desktop PC’s and Tablets. With this date the company has also promised that the general availability will be on the 29th of July, however the developing of the operating system is still continuing via the Windows Insider Program. The last Build which has been published by Microsoft is just four days old.
This means that the OS is actually still in Preview State which means that is has not hit the RTM State yet. RTM would mean that Microsoft has finished the operating system so that this version can be sold at the launch event and this would also be the version which can be send out to manufactures in order to pre-install the operating system on PC’s they are going to sell.

Microsoft is expected to bring Windows 10 to the RTM State sometime this week, however this means that there are less than 20 days between the RTM state and the date for the general availability of Windows 10. It might be obvious that this is not enough time to prepare new PC’s, Tablets and Laptops so that they can be sold with Windows 10 pre-Installed right from the launch date. According to Bloomberg devices will continue to be shipped with Windows 8.1 however as we know already you will be able to get a free upgrade on this PC, though there will not be sold any specific hardware which was designed for Windows 10 and uses some of the new features like facial recognition of Windows Hello. In order to get hardware which was designed to be used with Windows 10 you will have to wait a bit longer.

Yusuf Mehdi has published an article at the official Windows Blog today which is explaining how the Launch Event of Windows 10 will happen and a few things which are in direct relation with the launch event. Yusuf said the following about the availability of Windows PC’s and Tablets with the new operating system pre-installed:”You will see computers running with Windows installed very soon after the 29th and then in the fall, a whole new class of machines for the holidays.

If you believe some rumors, Microsoft is going to present some specific Windows 10 PC’s at the IFA consumer electronics trade which takes place on the 4th of September. So stay tuned for more information on new Windows 10 Hardware and drop me comment below with your opinion on the launch of Windows 10. Do you think Microsoft should have set a later date for the launch of the new operating system in order to be prepared better?

Source: Bloomberg via Neowin