Microsoft Says They Are “Actively Working” on Improving Cortana Over Bluetooth



Hands free phone control is something that is becoming more and more necessary as our phones learn how to connect and work with our cars and other forms of daily technology. Google Now’s “Ok Google” hotword has become quite powerful over the last couple of years, and Microsoft’s “Cortana” assistant looks to be just as promising. Unfortunately for Windows 10 mobile users, the last couple of builds have come bundled with some bugs related to using Cortana over Bluetooth. Fortunately, though, it looks like those bugs should be squished sooner than later, as Insider Head Gabriel Aul recently posted on Twitter:

“Cortana over BT is something we’re actively working on.”

This is good news for everyone running the preview builds, and following this statement there’s hope of full functionality over the next couple of months.

Hold tight, commuters!

via: Windows Central