This is what Windows 10 boxes might look like



The release of Windows 10 is imminent, it will be released at the 29th of July, at least to all Windows Insiders and it seems that Microsoft is well prepared for the official release of the next operating system. New Insider Builds are released by Microsoft with a much higher rate lately and that is the case, like Gabriel Aul already explained, because the company is now concentrating on fixing as many bugs as possible. New features will be added later on once the final release has been done the Windows Insiders which remain in the Windows Insider Programm will keep getting new Preview Builds of Windows 10 and there Microsoft will also start to add new features from time to time.

This does also mean that Microsoft has to hand over Windows 10 to their partners in order that they are able to prepare themself for the launch of Windows 10. Even more important is that Retail shops are able to offer the new operating system to pre order it and promote it for customers who are currently buying Windows PC’s with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 preinstalled. As we know it from Windows 8.1 and previous versions of Windows already, Microsoft is always offering their operating system in such a nice box which does also somehow represent the new style of the OS. Now, according to WinFuture the boxes which Windows 10 will be sold in have been leaked from an official source, as they call it.
Below you can have a look at what these new boxes are goint to look like. You may notice that the new start menu is clearly visible which probably means that Microsoft wants to draw the customers attention on it in order to make sure that everyone knows that the well known start menu is back.

You can see that the Windows 10 Pro Edition will be sold in a box with such a purple color, wheras the Home edition of Windows 10 will be shipped in this Windows Blue, which the Windows logo on the start up of the OS does also have for example.
All in all, just like we know it from Microsoft, however there have been rumors that Microsoft is planning to sell Windows 10 also on USB drives in some retail stores so if this is not exactly your taste there is still hope that you will be able to get an USB Drive with a x86 and x64 of either Home or Pro on it.

Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this topic and stay tuned for more information about the release of Windows 10 and new Insider Preview Builds of the Windows 10 Moile Insider Preview.

Source: WinFuture