Health Tech: Fitbit App, Firmware & Website Updates


Today we have witnessed an update to the Windows Phone Fitbit app bringing the ability to set a sleep goal.

Fitbit App Update

As stated in the app:

‘Our newest feature lets you set a sleep goal to help you get the sleep you need.’

If you just update and do nothing more it appears that the sleep goal is defaulted to 8 hours.

‘Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep, so we’ve set your goal at 8. Sleep on it and see if that works for you.’

Fitbit Charge HR Firmware Update

What differentiates this app update with the majority is that it brings with it a firmware update to the Fitbit Charge HR, taking it from v64 to v84.

As the update has only appeared today we have not had a chance to test this new feature, but we are left assuming at present that it is merely something to compare your sleep against and nothing more. It would be nice, however, if they had linked this to a ‘Time for bed’ vibration alarm based on your morning alarm and a user-set morning alarm or an automatic alarm based on the time that the tracker senses that the user fell asleep.

Within the device settings we have noted an excellent new feature called ‘quick view’, which is defaulted to on. The reason we think this new feature is excellent is that checking the time no longer requires a double tap of the Fitbit Charge HR as you just need to move your wrist to look at the screen and the time is displayed independent of what the double tap is set to display. This corrects our main issue with most trackers, which is the need to tap/interact with them to check the time when all you want to do is glance at them, like a normal watch. Once the display is triggered by either wrist movement (‘quick view’) or double tapping a single tap cycles though the goal (steps, calories bunt, distance, active hours and floors climbed ) screens.

Fitbit Website Dashboard Update

In addition to the app update a quick trip to the Fitbit website has presented an update to the online dashboard. As can be seen below.


This update brings new ‘daily goal’ and ‘Activity’ tiles. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the ‘daily goal’ tile provides a simple view of progress against all goals (steps, calories bunt, distance, active hours and floors climbed). The ‘Activity’ provides detailed information on any single, user selected, goal over a user selected time period.


Both of these updates are welcomed, whilst we are interested to see what will come next. Finally, keep an eye on our site for our up-coming review of the Fitbit Charge HR.