An open letter to Microsoft about Windows Mobile (save it)



There comes a point in every product’s cycles life where it needs to break out and be what we all know it can be or it needs to be put out for pasture.  Guess what? Windows Phone (Mobile) is at that point.  When it was first being used by Nokia the growth on the devices was huge and continued to be solid until Microsoft bought Nokia out then something happened….

Sales stalled…the up and coming OS that just took over third place in the OS wars simply started to lose ground.  Why?  While no one knows for sure it seems that Microsoft is too interested in the low end game and working on Windows 10 to produce any type of meaningful innovations to their Lumia devices.   When Nokia made their own devices they where full of new hardware advances and software too!

Now Microsoft is cranking out mid-tier devices at best and no one on is getting excited about them, which is stalling sales, which is stalling developers, which is stalling apps and support, which is stalling sales.  Got it?  Microsoft has made all the background moves to get the low end devices but none on the high end.  In a world where devices can now be bought and traded in at a carrier every six months there really hasn’t been anything high end from Microsoft well ever….last flagship was the 2013 Nokia Lumia 1520. (That’s 3 to 4 upgrade cycles for most consumers!)

Microsoft has one last shot to wow everyone come this fall with new devices and to keep wowing us because sub 5% market share worldwide does not a profitable division make.  Don’t get me wrong I am a WinPhan using my Lumia 1020/1520 as my daily drivers but it’s time for Microsoft to go all in or simply walk away.  I am tired of being more personally vested in a Mobile OS then the company that makes it.