Xbox Music rebranded to Groove Music. Brings new features like customized Radio and predefined playlists along


Microsoft officially announced today that it is rebranding Xbox Music as… Groove Music!

This is purely a name change. The Xbox Music app is still in the Store, the only difference is that it now goes by its new brand name: Groove Music.

So don’t worry, everything you love (and hate) about Xbox Music and your Music pass subscription are still valid.

You can visit the new Groove Music website to learn more about it.

Some of the new features coming with the new Groove Music is curated radio. The new Groove Music will now be able to create customized radio for you based on your favorite artistes.

This is one feature I believe many Xbox Music subscribers have yearned for. Too bad, Apple’s Music got this done first. Better late than never I guess.

Also, there will be a list of automatic playlists based on your mood, so whether you are feeling blue, in a party mood or just chill, there will be a playlist for you.

The new rebranded Groove Music app will be able in the next build of Windows 10 that is scheduled to be released later this week, the next build is also rumored to be the RTM build.

I think the Xbox Music rebranding was an “easy choice” rather than a tough one. Since its inception, Xbox Music has always been presumed to be a Music service for Xbox gamers.

Also the Xbox Video app is now rebranded to Movies&TV, while it is a generic name, it doesn’t cause any confusion as it too was presumed to be an Xbox (console) only service.

I’m glad to see Microsoft fix this misconception by rebranding the service, and they did this at a good time as we anticipate the launch of Windows 10.

So what do you think? Did Microsoft make the right decision in rebranding their music service form Xbox Music to Groove Music?

Let us know, also let us know what you think about its new name.. Groove!