Leaked Windows 10 Mobile Build 10158 Adds Transparent Icons, Camera Improvements, and More


Some screenshots of a new Windows Phone build have leaked recently showcasing some new features, and they pack some hefty improvements.

First on the list is transparent icons for the Microsoft Edge and Store tiles. I’m glad they’ve updated these, because it adds a level of consistency across the screen that we were missing before. It’s a welcome addition, and I’m sure we’ll see semi-transparent tiles for all stock apps by the time the OS is officially launched.


Secondly, the camera app is updated allowing for 120fps video at 728×576 resolution. This is pretty cool since Microsoft was working to advance their “Hyperlapse” technology, and it looks like they’re pushing slow-mo pretty hard now. Obviously phone-by-phone performance will vary, but it’s cool to at least have the option.

The PeopleApp live tile also gained a cool animation in this build, basically sliding people’s heads by each other in small little bubbles. It’s a neat little thing which is more for looks than anything, but still pretty fun.

Microsoft Wallet is also back and this time around supports loyalty cards, rewards, tickets, and boarding passes. If you used this before, it’s back and it’s better than ever.


Finally, the last and absolute most essential update of them all..

Volume sliders are now slightly curved. Good game, Microsoft.

So there you go! Hopefully this update will be pushed soon, because it’s pretty darn sweet. What’s your favorite updated feature?

via: WindowsCentral