Video Comparison between At&t’s Lumia 640XL ($249) and Lumia 830 ($449)


At&t is one of, if not the largest reseller of Lumia devices since the Lumia 900 back in 2012.

At&t recently released the Lumia 640XL, months after the Lumia 830 went on sale.

The Lumia 640XL costs $249 (off contract), while the Lumia 830 costs $449 (off contract).

While the 640XL looks likes a bigger version of the Lumia 830, it costs $200 less than the Lumia 830.

Here is a comparison video on both mid range Lumia available on At&t and hopefully this will shed some light on why one is almost twice the price of the other…

First let’s talk about…

Build Quality: The Lumia 640XL has a 5.7inch screen, making it a phablet, but if you think it will have the look or premium feel of the last phablet on At&t (Lumia 1520) then guess again. The 640XL has a back cover that is made of plastic, this isn’t premium plastic like the polycarbonate material, this is just plastic! And you can tell from just holding it, it’s not high quality stuff. The 830 on the other hand has a matte finish plastic back cover that feels great when you hold and its aluminum frame is superb too.

Screen Quality: The 640XL has a 5.7inch display but it is an IPS LCD display, with 720×1280 resolution and a 259ppi, so it’s not the sharpest, color rich display. But the Lumia 830 with its 5 inch display has a HD 720×1280 resolution and 294ppi, though it still is IPS LCD technology it is much sharper that the 640XL and brighter too.

Camera Quality: The camera on the Lumia 640XL is a 13MP Carl Zeiss optics lens that can record 1080p @ 30fps with a 5MP front facing camera that can also record in 1080p @ 30fps. The Lumia 830 on the other hand has a 10MP camera and while you are thinking “wait that’s less than the 13MP on the 640XL” well the camera on the 830 is rigged with PureView technology, it’s a Carl Zeiss optics lens also and can record in 1080p @ 30fps too.

Storage Quality: the 640XL has 8GB internal storage while the Lumia 830 has 16GB internal storage. Though both devices come with MicroSD card slot with support for cards up to 128GB

Connectivity Quality: The Lumia 830 has got better connectivity specs than the 640XL. The 640XL has wifi standards 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth is v4.0 and A2DP. The Lumia 830 is more robust, it has got 802.11 a/b/g/n DualBand, Bluetooth is v4.0 and supports A2DP, LE, EDR and apt-X.

Battery Quality: Obviously the 640XL has a bigger battery at 3300mAh, while the 830 has a smaller 2200mAh. But that’s because of the bigger screen on the 640XL.

While some of these are subtle differences, I don’t know if it explains the price discrepancies between both Lumia models.

Overall, I think the 830 is a more premium device (partly because I am not a fan of phablets).

So what do you think?

Are these differences enough to warrant the price difference between the two devices?

Sound off in the comments below…