Microsoft implements PopUps to help you to get started with Windows 10 but you can turn them off



We had a long time of new Windows 10 Builds which Microsoft has provided to the Windows Insider Community in order to get some feedback and make Windows 10 the best operating system yet. This time is coming to an end now since the release date of Windows 10 is on 29th of July already. The Windows Insider Program will be continued afterwards, however since the operating system will be released to the public on this day, the OS is now getting finished up for this final release. One thing which was still missing where some helpful tips for users who are completely new to Windows 10 but Microsoft has thought about that and according to Joe Belfiore in the latest Build 10159 you will get some Tips how to use some features of the new operating system every once in a while.

In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has only included some helpful animations in the OS which have been displayed directly after the installation was finished to make it easier to use, now in Windows 10 there will appear some PopUp notifications from time to time. Though if you are aware of this feature already they can also be skipped so that you do not have to go through all of them. Personally I have not seen one yet but Joe Belfiore says that it is starting from today and will continue until the final release so there is still some time left.

If you buy Windows 10 or if you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 and run the operating system for the first time it makes totally sense that there are implemented some PopUps which deliver helpful content to the user. However in the current Build of Windows 10 there might also appear PopUps for features which you have already used and which you are aware of. In the final version of Windows 10 this will of course be fixed so that if a users knows about a feature and has used it already he will not receive any PopUps explaining this new feature.

If you are not a fan of Notifications to help you to get to know the new operating system from Microsoft there is also an option to turn off those notifications. Therefor you can simply open the Settings App click on System –> Notifications & Actions. Once there under Notifications there is one called ‘Show me tips about Windows’, by turning this off you will not see any PopUps which are trying to explain you any new features.


Drop me a comment below with your opinion about these new notifications, have you seen one already? Stay tuned for more information about Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

Source: Neowin