Microsoft’s “SemanticPaint” Hololens Demo Lets You Alter Your World in Augmented Reality



Microsoft released a new Hololens demo today that could help us to organize our lives. “SematicPaint”, as it’s called, creates a virtual image of a space using a kinect camera sensor, then allows the user to label the object by interacting with it in real time. This is important because although machine learning allows computers to recognize real-world objects, almost every instance of an object is different, and allowing users to label and interact with their objects is probably the ultimate method of crowd-sourcing. If released on a mass scale, the technology could help our computers to recognize objects faster and with better efficiency, ultimately enabling more natural virtual reality applications. The design industry could benefit from this as well, as the tech enables users to transform objects colors in real-time.

Hololens isn’t slated for release until the end of this year, but the demos being released showing off the tech are getting cooler and cooler.

Who’s excited for the future? It’s knocking on our door.

via: engadget