If Windows Update keeps failing with updating to the latest Build then you might find a solution for that here



The last couple of days have been a good time for the Windows Insider Community. On the one hand we have got a completely overhauled new Windows 10 Mobile Build which is now way more stable and runs pretty smooth and on the other hand we have got Windows 10 Build 10158 and Build 10159 for Desktop PC’s and Tablets with just one day between. Both Windows 10 Builds have got a lot of bug fixes to make the experience as smooth as possible with the operating system but beside bug fixes the UI has been finalized a bit more just like in the mobile version of the OS to make for example fir Cortana better in the current design language of Windows. There have been even included some new features whereas it is now possible to use the Phone Companion App.

So These two new Builds are a very important release, not only for a desktop PC but also for Surface Tablets as with this Build you can finally use it on a Surface 3 and you should now be able to use the Surface 3 Pro for a longer time since the battery consumption has been optimized in this Build as well. However things are not always going as expected and that is also the case with the two current Build Releases, some users are not able to update to the latest Windows 10 Build from their current Build and that is of course very annoying.
So to help you out I have listed a few fixes below which could solve the problem for you so that you are finally able to update to the latest versions. If nothing helps there is still the way to make a clean installation with an ISO file or to wait until Microsoft has figured out what is causing this problem and releases a fix for it. ISO files for these Builds haven’t been released by Microsoft, however if you search the Internet for this Build there are a few sources where you can download it from.

1. Log in with your Microsoft Account

With Windows 8 Microsoft has introduced the ability to log in with the Microsoft Account in Windows, however it is still possible to use it without a Microsoft Account. Same counts for the Windows 10 Insider Preview, though since Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130 it is necessary to start Windows with your Microsoft Account in order to receive newer Builds through Windows Update. After the Update you can still create a new local account on your PC, however then again you will of course not get future Builds.
If you are logged in with your Microsoft Account and you can still not download the latest Build, this might because your Microsoft Account needs to be verified before it is usable with this PC. You can check this by opening the Settings App and heading to Accounts –> Your account, if your Microsoft ID is not verified there should be a Verify Button.

1.1. Fix Me

There can occur a similar problem which is also related to your Microsoft Account. If you have checked your Microsoft Account in Settings –> Accounts –> Your Account there is antoher location where you can have a look at if your Microsoft Account seems to be fine but Windows still does not want to let you update. So if you open the Settings App and go to Update and Security –> Windows Update –> Advanced Options there can be a ‘Fix Me button which can be there because something is not right with your Account, in order to get this fixed press the button, wait for Windows to finish, restart your PC and try again to update.


2. Set Windows Update to the Fast Ring

As you might know or not, back when Microsoft has introduced the Windows Insider Program there came also the choice of either receiving new Insider Preview Builds through the Fast Ring or rather through the Slow Ring. The thought behind this is, that less stable versions of the Insider Build will be pushed to the Fast Ring, after one or two weeks when Microsoft has received some feedback about the Build, fixed the Known Issues and so on it will be available also for those users who are set to the Slow Ring.
The current two Builds which Microsoft has lately released – Build 10158 & Build 10159 – are only available through the Fast Ring so obviously you will not get them if Windows Update is set to search for new Builds for the Slow Ring. In order to change this you can open the Settings App and then go to Update & security –> Windows Update –> Advanced Options. Once you have got there you can choose between the Fast and Slow Ring.

2.1. Stuck on the Slow Ring

Before Microsoft has released a new Build there have been leaked a few Builds through the Internet which were also available to download from some sources so that it was possible to everyone to test them. However if you have installed the leaked Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10147 you might have a more serious problem. In this version of Windows 10 it is not possible to change to the Fast Ring so the only solution would be to do a clean installation or to wait for Microsoft to release a new Build for the Slow Ring.
Gladly Gabriel Aul has released a solution for that problem. In order to fix that you will have to open the Command Prompt and type in the following:

reg flags HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\Applicability set DONT_VIRTUALIZE

After you have typed that in you can wait until Windows has finished it’s job, restart your PC and afterwards go to the Settings app again and change your settings to receive new Builds through the Fast Ring. Voila, your PC should now be able to find and install the latest Build of Windows 10.


3. Various Errors

So what we have covered so far where problems with the Microsoft Account and Problems with the Ring you are set to. However there can occur some other errors like for example that if Windows Update downloads the latest Build, the download process gets stuck at 21% or something. It can also happen that the new Bild does not even dhow up in the Settings App, what doesn’t mean that Windows is not downloading it. In order to fix that problem you can simply restart the Windows Update process by following the few steps below:

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Strg + Alt + Entf or you can right click on the Start button and choose Task Manager.
  2. If you have not done this already, click on ‘More Details’
  3. Go to the ‘Service’ Tab
  4. Search for ‘wuauserv’ by simply typing w u a u…
  5. Right click on this process and choose ‘restart’

Once you have finished these steps you can open your Settings App again and search for updates again. You may be surprised then since it could be that Windows has already finished downloading the Build but didn’t notify you because of this bug.


So these are a couple of solutions for the most common problems with updating to newer Builds. Though you might have another problems so that is still not possible to update to a newer Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, in this case you have still some options left. on the one hand you can downgrade to an older version of Windows 10 by downloading an ISO file from the Microsoft Website, or you could download an unofficial ISO file from the internet for the latest Build Microsoft has released.
The seconf method is nor recommended, however in my case I have always done a clean installation of Windows 10 even then when Microsoft did not released an ISO and my PC is still up and running but of course you have to decide this by yourself.

In case you are still experiencing problems, you can drop me a comment below and I will try to help you out. You can also have a look at Neowin who have posted this nice collection of solutions so that they can assist you with your problem.
Otherwise stay tuned for more information about new Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds and new hardware from Microsoft.

Source: Neowin