[Video] Windows Phone 8.1 Vs Windows 10 Mobile, Speed Comparison



Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build to the Insider Community and wow what a Build. This one has been hugely improved compared to the Builds the Redmonder company has released earlier. In the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10149 there have not only been added a few new features like for example the flashlight quick action in the action center but there has been done a lot of work under the hood of Windows 10 Mobile. Dozens of bug fixes are making the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview now a very smooth experience.

Apart from the flashlight quick action there have been included also some other new features. There is for example included the Microsoft Edge Browser for the first time or better said it is now listed as Microsoft Edge for the first time. The experience with Microsoft’s new Browser is now a lot more fluent and brings some cool advantages over Internet Explorer. First of all it gets a higher score in various browser tests but there is also the helpful Hub build in. There you can have a look at your website history, your current downloads, and your Favorites. Unfortunately the favorites are not synced yet between the desktop version and your phone but this will be added in a later version.
Apart from that there is this new Reachability Feature in the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview which makes everday life a bit easier with devices which are 5″ or larger. This feature allows you to hold the Windows key and then the screen ‘Scrolls down’ and you are only able to see the top half of your screen. This makes it easier on the startscreen for example to reach the top app row. You can have a look at this feature in the Hands On Video we have published yesterday.
A small enhancement for the privacy on your Windows 10 Mobile device has been also added, if you are using a PIN to lock your phone. In Build 10149 you can now set that if your phone is locked you can see all notifications in the Action Center but instead of the text of a text message for example it will only show ‘private’. If you unlock your phone and swipe down the Action Center again you can have a look at the message, extend them and even directly reply to them.
Last but not least Cortana has got a complete redesign so that there is now one and the same design language through out the whole app. This brings the impression of a more final version of Cortana. The personal assistant is running very smooth, however the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature is not yet available in the current Build.

So reading this makes you probably wondering, should I install this Build on my Windows Phone device? Well to answer it in a short and simply way, Yes. I mean there are still some bugs and there might be some minor bugs which do not bother me but are very important to you so I can not say that for sure but overall the experience has improved a lot and this is probably the first Build which can bee installed on a main device.
To give you an idea what I am talking about I have made a speed comparison between Windows Phone 8.1 (running on a Nokia Lumia 920) and Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10149 (running on a Nokia Lumia 930). You can have a look at the video below.

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