Poll: Physical Camera Button vs. Onscreen Camera Button


Most (if not all) Low end Lumia devices do not come with physical camera buttons. You have to use the onscreen camera button or you can configure the option of tapping on the camera viewfinder to take a pic. Though older low end Lumia phones did have physical camera buttons. Recently though, this has not been the case as all low end Lumia phones released in the last year do not have a physical camera button.

Microsoft it seems, has reserved the use of physical camera buttons to mid-range to high end Lumia devices.

The Lumia 525 with physical camera button vs. the Lumia 530 (no button)

So what are the benefits of a physical camera button? or would you prefer the onscreen camera touch button?

For me, I love the physical camera button, I just get the sense of control when using it especially when you hold it down slightly to focus on an object. The downside is that if you have shaky hands (too much coffee?!) like I do, then you could end up with blurry pics (except your Lumia is equipped with OIS). But even OIS can do so much.

Another reason why I love the physical camera button is because it’s very good when taking a photo with one hand, it’s super easy.

The onscreen camera button however, not so much. Try taking a photo with one hand using just the onscreen camera touch button, go on, I’ll wait… See what i mean. But the upside is that the touch camera button is good for taking pics when your Lumia is on a tripod for instance or to take pics with a Lumia that does not have the OIS and you need to as little vibration/shakiness as possible.

So I think for me, it really depends on what the situation is. But is I was to pick one option. I would go with the physical camera button.

We are running a poll to hear your opinion. Do vote and let us know in the comments below why you went with that choice…

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