[Video] Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10149: In Depth Hands On



Not long ago Microsoft did surprise us with a new Windows 10 Mobile Build for Windows Insiders – Build 10149. And this just one week later than the Build before has been released, and this makes clear that Microsoft is eagerly working to make Windows 10 Mobile the best Windows experience for mobile devices so far. I have installed this new Insider Build on my Lumia 930, did a reset so that I had a clean installation and wow what a good Build this is. Now Windows 10 Mobile feels like a true operating system and you can now imagine that this might be a full update for all Windows Phone users soon. This runs so fluently on my Lumia 930 that I even decided to make a quick speed comparison between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile which you will be able to watch later this day.

In the Hands on Video embed a bit further down below I will have a look at the main features of Windows 10 Mobile so Cortana, Microsoft Edge, the settings app but I have also a look at all the system apps which are coming with Microsoft’s operating system. So for example the alarms & clocks app, the music app, the video app and so on. Here is a list of everything which is covered in this video, if you want to quickly jump to one specific feature you can click on the video title in order to get to YouTube and there you can have a look at the video description. In the description all timestamps are set.

  • Action Center
    Private Messages
  • Lockscreen
  • Action Center
    Extend Messages
  • Startscreen
  • Folders
  • App List
  • Cortana
    Notebook – about me, finance, news; reminders; music searches; feedback;
  • Settings
    System, Devices, Personalization, Accounts, Time & Language, Privacy, Update & Security
  • Reachability Feature
  • Microsoft Edge
    Hub, Settings
  • People App
  • Outlook Mail
    Settings, Folders
  • Outlook Calendar
    App bar, Settings
  • Store Beta
    Burger Menu
  • Phone App
  • Messaging App
  • Windows Maps App
    View, Map Style, Current Position, Print, Directions, 3D Maps, Settings;
  • Office
    Word- Power Point- Excel Preview, OneNote;
  • Alarms & Clocks App
    World Clock – Compare
  • Calculator App
  • Windows Camera
  • Contact Support App
  • File Explorer App
  • Film & TV App
  • FM Radio App
  • Music App
  • Photos App
  • Xbox App
  • Bug
    Photo Sharing
  • Multitasking View
  • So Microsoft has done good work with this Windows 10 Mobile Build. They have fixed a whole lot of bugs which would probably take a few days to mention them all and as a result the Insider Preview is now running a lot smoother, at least on my 930. Unfortunately I can not say how it performs on lower end devices. Though I might install the Insider Preview on a Microsoft Lumia 640 tomorrow and let you know how it performs.
    Apart from the bug fixes Microsoft has also included a few new features in this Build and has made one available more widely. Below I have listed the most important new features of this Build, all the other stuff can bee seen in the video.

    Microsoft Edge

    For the first time ever, Microsoft has now inbuilt Microsoft edge in the latest Build of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft Edge is currently not even on the Preview for Desktops and Tablets available. The new browser performs very well on my phone and it is actually really nice to use it. Furthermore this browser has got a so called hub where you can find your download, your History, your reading list and your Favorites. Unfortunately the Favorites are not synced between the desktop and your mobile device yet.


    Reachability Feature

    As we have reported this week already, there is a new Reachability Feature in Windows 10 Mobile. This was introduced with the previous Build though there it was limited to the Nokia Lumia 1520. Now this feature is available to all phones with a screen of 5″ or bigger. What it basically does is to scroll the screen down so that the first half is easier to reach, however the bottom half then can not be accessed. Have a look at the hands on video to see the Reachability Feature in action.


    Private Notifications

    Brand new in the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build is the ability to set Notifications to private. If you use a PIN to unlock your phone in previous versions of Windows Phone it was possible for everyone to see your notifications if he pulled down the Action Center. However these days are gone since you can now open the settings in Windows 10 Mobile, in System you can go to the section Notification & Actions and then you can scroll down to all your apps. There it is not only possible to turn notifications on or of but if you click an app you can even turn on that the notifications are private or you can turn it of.



    Cortana is another feature of the Windows 10 Mobile which is not new but has been hugely improved. Therefor the personal assistant for Windows Mobile is now a lot more stable. It is now also showing different headlines for every section where you are in Cortana. For example if you scroll down to the weather it is saying this is the weather at your current location at the top. It has also got a cleaner and more sorted design. Now everything first together and the notebook of Cortana looks great now. Have a look at the screenshots below or at the Hands On video to see what I mean.


    Flashlight Quick Action

    Also new in Build 10149 is the Flashlight quick action which simply turns on the flashlight of your phone. Beside the flashlight there is also the battery saver back in the quick actions which was disappeared in the Build before. This is a nice handy feature if you need some light for a short time you can simply press the flashlight button in the Action Center. Unfortunately I have forgotten to mention this feature in the Video but you can have a look at it below.


    Drop me a comment below with your opinion of the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build. Let me know if you want to get something else covered with a video an I’ll try to make one. Tomorrow we will also upload a Speed comparison between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile so stay tuned.