Skype for WP updated, now syncs its’ favorites to your People Hub (On Windows 10 Mobile)


The Skype app got a minor update yesterday, but no Changelog was provided.

But it looks like that this update was intended for Windows 10 Mobile users.

After the Skype app was updated on my Windows 10 Mobile (Build 10136) running Lumia 830, I noticed that my Skype contacts under favourites were synced to the Groups section in People Hub on my phone.

Here’s what I mean…

favorite contacts now show up in People Hub on W10M

As you can see, My favorite contacts now sync to my groups in the People Hub.

If you add a contact to your favorites list in the Skype app, that contact will sync and now show up in the groups section under favorites.

While this isn’t the Skype integration we are waiting for, it is a welcomed change.

It might not seem relevant or practical right now, but in the near future when Skype is fully integrated into Windows 10 Mobile; You will be going into this group to make Skype calls directly from the People hub, I mean why else is this necessary?

Let us know what you think about this latest integration, sound off in the comments below…