Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10136: Choose which app content to back up and which back ups to delete



Back in the time when Windows Phone 8.1 has been released by Microsoft the company introduced a handful of new cool features along with the back up feature for apps. This allowed apps to save some settings and files to the cloud so in case you reset your phone and install these apps again the user data can be simply downloaded from the cloud so that you can continue where you have left of. Sounds good you think? Yes it does, there was just one problem with this, it was not possible to define which apps are allowed to do this and which aren’t.

Gladly there is some improvement in sight for this feature. In the Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 it is possible to choose which apps are allowed to backup their settings to your OneDrive Account. In order to manage that pull down the action center and click on all settings then scroll down to Update & Security and then you can click on Backup. Once you have reached the Backup thing in your settings, click on More options and here you go.
Inside the Backup Settings it is even showing how much storage is used by this backup. As you can see below, I have added two screenshots showing the storage which is currently used by my back ups and the reason for that is the following: If you scroll town to the bottom of the back up settings there is an option to delete back ups.


Now this is not only possible on your phone if you have installed the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview, you can also go to OneDrive and then click on ‘Get more storage’ at the bottom left. This brings you to the option menu and there you can choose Device backups. There you can find all the backups from your Windows Tablets, PC’s and Phones. Now before I have deleted some backups my used storage was something about 761MB and afterwards it was at about 48MB so this really has some effect. But be careful in order to not delete any backups you actually need.

So this Backup option is another nice feature of the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview and it is showing that Microsoft is trying to improve every little something of their mobile operating system. The release of the OS has not been confirmed yet but it seems to happen some time in October or September and Windows 10 Mobile is getting mature very fast, if you have not installed the latest Build of Windows 10 Mobile on your phone, you can have a look at the hands on video here.
Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion about the current Build otherwise stay tuned for more information about new Builds and new hardware from Microsoft.

Source: WMPowerUser