Microsoft Edge receives Password Manager



Internet Explorer has a long history and with Windows 10 this history of the companies first browser will be finished. A new era is coming with Windows 10 and this will not only change the way we are using Windows but also the way we will be experiencing the Web. With the latest operating system Microsoft has introduced a new browser to get rid of all these half-truth surrounding Internet Explorer. With Microsoft Edge or also known as Project Spartan Microsoft brings a completely new browser which has a new design which fits the design language of Windows 10.

Since the company is currently crafting this new browser there have to be added also the features which we are used to from Internet Explorer and other browser. One of these features is the Password manager which has now been added. But don’t start to search for this feature in the Windows 10 Build 10130 which is the latest Build released by Microsoft because there you won’t be able to find it. However as you might now Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10147 has been leaked and was available to download and one of the new features which has been included in this Build is the Password Manager.
This is very welcome since with the Password Manager it is possible to save all your credentials in Edge and you will not have to enter them always by yourself. A future step might be that the passwords will be synced between the Mobile and the Desktop version like we know it from earlier versions of Windows and Windows Phone already.

Of course there is still the build in Credential Manager of Windows which is currently managing all the passwords which you have saved using Internet Explorer, Synchronization might be easier if the app has its own password manager though. Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this feature and what you think is still missing in Microsoft latest browser. Stay tuned for more information about the leaked Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10147 and other news about Microsoft.

Source: Neowin