As a HTC 8X user you will be able to test the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview soon



Microsoft carefully began making the Windows 10 Insider Preview available for current phones. The first roll out came only for some Low End device, surprisingly since everyone suggested Microsoft to bring the major update first to their flagships to test it. However with a second wave it did arrive to almost every other Nokia Windows Phone except if you are one of these lucky ones you can call himself an owner of a Nokia Lumia 930 then you had o wait even longer. After Microsoft made the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview available to all of their devices they started rolling out this Preview also for devices from other hardware manufactures. The first one to receive this was then the HTC One M8 for Windows after that there were not added any devices for a long time until today.

According to Windows Mania, a polish website, it will be possible to try the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview on HTC 8X devices very soon. The information comes from an insider source which has leaked this on the Windows Mania Forum, the source is suggesting that the Insider Preview will arrive very soon for this device since the Windows Phone Recovery Tool is now also supporting this phone from HTC. Since this tool was developed by Microsoft for downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows Phone 8.1 it wouldn’t make sense to add support for the 8X if they are not planning to bring the Preview also for this device.

It is not sure yet when Microsoft will roll out another update to support this phone but this might happen very soon. If you have any questions about Windows 10 Mobile and the HTC 8X, do not hesitate to drop me a comment below. Stay tuned for more information about the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview and the support of this for HTC devices.

Source: Windows Mania