Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10136: One-handed Mode demonstrated


Yesterday Microsoft has finally released a new Build of the Insider Preview for mobile devices. So it is now possible to install Build 10136 of Windows 10 Mobile though you will have to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 if you are currently running Build 10080. We have some articles for you here about the Release Notes, the Known Issues and some new features which have been included in this Build. With new features we are already at the right keyword, since we will have a quick look at one new feature which has been included by Microsoft.

Microsoft has improved the way you can handle your personal assistant Cortana in the new Build, they have added the dark theme and have finished the design, apart from that also the photos app has received a few improvements which we will talk about in later articles. However there is one new feature which never has been in in Windows Phone before, there is now an easier way to control Windows Phone devices larger than 5″ with only one hand.
Microsoft has not really announced a name for that yet so I will call it One-handed Mode in the article.


To use the One-handed Mode you can simply long hold the Windows Button in the bottom middle of your device. Then information will be displayed only on the lower half of your device. A few weeks ago I had the chance to test the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and I think this is a very helpful feature for larger devices since I am used to smaller devices and therefor controlling the 640 XL with one hand was sometimes the most challenging part. If you hold the Windows Button again, information will be displayed on the whole screen again. You can also double tap on the part of the screen where nothing is displayed to get back to full screen.

So that you can imagine what the One-handed Mode looks like in practical use you can have a look at the embed video below from Aakash SHARMA.

Source: Aakash SHARMA ©