Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10136: A detailed look on the Photos App



Recently Microsoft has published a new Build for all Windows Insiders which is available to install on all Windows Phone devices from Microsoft. This time Microsoft has released Build 10136 and this time there is once again some progress visible. The new Insider Preview runs a lot smoother then all versions which I were testing before and I mean that should be the natural progress that a more and more mature versions runs smoother and smoother but I am glad that this happens now finally since the preview versions berfore were not really that nice to use. Build 10136 is not that smooth that it would make sense to use this on a daily device but I think it will not take long anymore until we are getting Builds which are finally usable for everyday.

However Microsoft has of course invested a lot of work again in this new Build to make it a better experience, for adding new features and to finish the new design in system apps like the personal assistant Cortana which now has a dark theme to make the UI more cohesive with the rest of the OS and has also got an overhauled hamburger menu. One of these system apps which has also got some improvements is the photos app.
It has got a nice Live Tile function where it is currently only possible to set one photos or recently added photos for the Live Tile, so it is not possible to choose your favorite pictures for the Live Tile. Hopefully this will be added again before the officially release.
If you open up the Photos app, the first you will see is the ‘Collection’ section which is showing you all your pictures, doesn’t matter if they are stored on the device or in the cloud. The photos are sorted by month there. It is already possible to tap on the month for quickly getting to older photos.

So all photos in one place, even the one from the cloud and the app even tries to figure out if a picture would be displayed twice in order that you see it only once. Unfortunately the are not yet marked in anyway with a small cloud or anything so that you know which photos is from the cloud and which one came from your phone. The only way photos are sorted in the Collection is by date and that is a bit messy according to my opinion, I prefer the Albums section. This one is pretty much like we know it from Windows Phone 8.1 where all your different albums are displayed like Screenshots, Saved Pictures, Camera Roll and so on. Simply click on a folder and you are in the folder with the pictures you really want to see.

In earlier versions of the Insider Preview, the photos app was very laggy but Microsoft has definitely invested some on that in the meantime since the experience is now a lot better that in Preview Builds released earlier. The App opens relatively fast and displays all your photos. At the start up the app checks your cloud for new photos and in case there are any they will be added. One bug I have noticed is that the photos app takes some time to update for example if you take some screenshots you can see them in the file explorer but the are not visible in the photos app right away. Some photos from the cloud are also displayed a bit blurry, so there is still some work left here for Microsoft to improve the app but overall I like the progress the app has made.
Below you can have a look at a Screenshot gallery which is showing every single corner of the overhauled photos app. If you have any questions about the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below. Otherwise stay tuned for more information about Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 and latest news about the Windows Insider Preview for Desktops.