Here Are Some Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas



Father’s Day is only nine days away, and what better gift to get dad than the gift of some new tech? I’ve you’ve been struggling to come up with some good options, check out this list.

LG G4 – Does your dad love taking photos? LG’s new LG G4 arguably has the best camera on any smartphone right now, with an F-Stop of just 1.8. To put that into perspective, that’s the same F-Stop as my primary shooting device for videos and photos. The screen size is also perfect for a lot of people, being spacious enough to really enjoy media but not unusable with one hand. The best part is, if you have AT&T you can have the phone brought right to dad’s door with a rep that’s prepared to get him up and running on the new device. How cool is that?

Braven Wireless Speakers – We all know work is ten times better with music. With the Braven Wireless Speakers, Dad can enjoy his favorite tunes or even listen to the news anywhere in the house. Fixing up that old car has never been so fun. These things are also crazy durable, so he’ll never have to worry about those freak accidents he always seems to have breaking them. If your dad is a music buff, these are a great item to check out.

ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector – Is your Dad a movie buff? A business man? An all around presentation enthusiast? The ZTE Spro 2 smart Projector makes it easy for dad to view anywhere. The Android-powered portable projector features a 5″ tough screen and it’s own 4G connection to let you view  anything, any time, on the big screen. Be sure to check this one out if your dad enjoys outdoor movie nights.

HTC RE Waterproof Camera – Shaped like a periscope, the HTC RE waterproof camera can shoot HD video in almost any condition. Go ahead, bring it snorkeling, it won’t mind. With a simple bluetooth connection, the camera setup is a breeze, and you can start shooting right away. There are also a variety of accessories offered for the camera allowing you to mount it to almost anything, whether it be a bike, drone, or helmet. It comes in quite the variety of colors so be sure to pick one up that matches Dad’s style.

Motorola Moto 360 – Describe your dad in one word. If you said “classy”, “prepared”, or any variation of the 2, the Moto 360 is for him. I’ve personally had this smartwatch since launch and I couldn’t love it more. With a beautiful circular display and a wide variety of bands and colors to choose from, there’s a Moto 360 to fit any style. You can make your own on Moto Maker, but the pre-made versions are significantly cheaper almost everywhere else including the Google Play Store. This is probably the best bang for your buck device from this list, so jump on it if you haven’t already.


Though there are many more great gift ideas, I’ve just named a few here. What are your fathers day tech ideas? Be sure to let us know in the comments.