Windows 10 pricing and release date revealed…?


While it’s all but confirmed that the RTM version of Windows will be available in Mid-July, we never got any word on when it will be available for consumers to upgrade/buy.

Well, popular online tech store Newegg may have revealed when the retail copies of Windows 10 will be released, along with its pricing as they have put a couple of the Windows 10 editions on pre-order.

If you go to Newegg right now, you will be able to pre-order either the Windows 10 Home edition for $109 or the Windows 10 Pro edition for $149.

And according to newegg, Windows 10 OS will be released on August 31st. which is 3 months from now.


You are probably thinking how come it’s on sale when Microsoft said it would be free the first year.

To be clear, Microsoft is giving Windows 10 as a free upgrade to current Windows 7/8/8.1 owners.

So if you have a PC, tablet or Laptop running any of these previous versions of Windows, you will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

But if you are building a custom PC for example, you will have to buy the OS, and according to newegg as you can see, it will cost you $109 for the Home edition or $149 for the Professional edition.

So what do you think of the pricing? or the release date?

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