New Build 10130 now available for Windows 10. See what’s new and what’s wrong


Microsoft have announced in the past through Windows 10 Program Manager, Gabe Aul that they would prefer to not roll out new builds on either Mondays or Fridays. But time and time again, they have done just that (not that I’m complaining).

Today, Friday May 29th was no different. again Microsoft surprised us by pushing out a new build 10130 for Windows 10 PCs just after releasing the 10122 Build a week ago.

Though both builds have been released to Insiders subscribed to fast ring. It does show that Microsoft is in the finishing stages of readying Windows 10 for the public as it now undergoes polishing and improving the overall UX/UI.

So what’s new in this build?

More Start menu customization: You can now turn on/off full start menu, this was only possible by switching between tablet/PC mode. Also you can move your start menu buttons to your preferred location.

New Windows 10 Icons: There are now a new set of icons in this build and Microsoft says these are based on user feedback. As you know, there are more than 2 million people testing Windows 10. So good to see Microsoft is listening.

Refined UI for Jump Lists on the taskbar: Microsoft has also refined the UI for jump lists, so if you have your file explorer pinned to the taskbar, you will find this very handy.

Improvements to Microsoft Edge Browser: Improvements have been made to the Microsoft Edge browser, even though it still goes under the name “Project Spartan” it is getting better and better with every build. You can now watch full screen videos and improvements have also been made to the reading mode in the browser.

Improvements to taskbar settings in Virtual desktops: Microsoft gave us the option to choose how we want to use the taskbar view for virtual desktops and you can check them out on this latest build by going to Settings app > System > Multitasking > Virtual Desktops.

New Cortana launch option: Microsoft has created a keyboard shortcut for launching and asking Cortana questions, you can now use Win Key + C to do this

Improvements to the Video app: The video app is now able to play movies/video in full screen mode.

As with all previous builds released, they are not yet ready for the public and also have one known issue of the other.

So here are the known issues reported with this build:

  • Mail app may crash due to a memory error, and may not synch mail when in the background. We plan to service this issue with an update via Windows Update.
  • In some cases, flyouts from the Taskbar (including Start, Cortana, Network, Battery, and Action Center) fail to fly out. This is a transient issue, and after retrying a few times it will succeed. We are also working to service this issue with an update.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity may fail at times due to a known issue. A system reboot is required to recover from this state.

Of course, users will report bugs or issues they encounter, these are the unknown issues that Microsoft isn’t aware as of the time of releasing this build.

So be sure to visit to see if issues being reported by insiders.

For more info on this latest build, see Official Windows blog