Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080: Store (Beta) Bug has been fixed



As every new Windows 10 Build, also the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 arrived with a list of new features and improvements under the hood. The Build has been released last week by Microsoft along with some other features it has brought the Store (Beta) for example like we already know it from the Windows 10 for Desktops Insider Preview. However apart from new features there are always coming some new bugs with new Builds and one of these Bugs in Build 10080 was a Problem with the Store (Beta) App. According to Gabriel Aul this feature has been fixed now and the Store (Beta) App should be working properly.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 is not a very stable operating system yet, that is also why Microsoft is warning about installing this on a main device. However along with some new features there is also a list of Known Issues which comes with a new Build Release. The list of Known Issues for this Build can be found here. If you are currently using the new Build you will have probably noticed the problem with the Store Beta App already. To be a bit more precise the problem is that Preview Apps like the new Office Suite or Xbox Music App have to be downloaded via this new Store App but this is not working always as expected.
Some users experienced a Problem where a “Working….” message appears on the screen but nothing will happen. So that means if you try to install an App from there, this message appears but the app will not be usable anytime soon. Now Gabriel Aul said in a response to a Tweet on Twitter that this problem has been fixed an Apps can now be downloaded properly.

According to Neowin this problem should now be fixed, at least for the new Office Apps which can now be installed without any problems. However it seems that this fix still needs some time to be fully enrolled since the Xbox Music and Video Preview Apps are still affected by this bug.
If you encounter any problem with the current Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 drop me comment below. Stay tuned for more information about the current Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 and for future Builds.

Source: Neowin