Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 Bug Report: People app crashes after you install Twitter/Skype


Microsoft came up with a good idea to allow users to test out and give feedback to technical builds of the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile OS.

This is something that has always been done (still is done) internally by staff.

The problem is these builds are so buggy and unstable that it is almost impossible to use on a daily basis.

I have tried to use the latest 10080 Build just to get a feel of it and give good feedback. but the last couple of days have been a struggle.

The latest problem I found is that installing twitter or Skype on your Build 10080 phone will cause the People app to no longer work, trying to launch it just crashes immediately.

I uninstalled twitter and immediately noticed a slight difference, instead of it crashing immediately, it comes up for a second and then crashes.

So I painfully took the decision to factory reset the phone and everything now works fine, I installed Skype again and immediately the People app stopped working again!

So the fix really is to NOT install either the Skype or Twitter at all and if you have already, then you most certainly have this problem and the solution then is to factory reset and NOT install these apps at all.

It seems the installation of Skype or Twitter messes with the People app, especially since it pulls data from these apps, so it makes sense that something is broken, hence the crashing.

In conclusion, I know this is a technical build and Microsoft has advised numerous times not to use as your main phone, but it would help them if they made it a tad bit usable, at least to attract more testers.

What do you think?

Should Microsoft spend more time making builds more usable? Or

Should they stick with the status quo, and work on the final product?

Sound off in the comments below…