Snapchat might finally arrive on Windows Phone ‘in near Future’



Snapchat for Windows Phone, will it ever happen? Well that is a good question and a very sensible topic. When Snapchat has got a popular chatting service for sharing photos and pictures with others there was no Windows Phone App. However it didn’t take too long until the Windows Phone Hero App Developer Rudy Huyn came up with an app idea. He developed the app and offered it for free in the Windows Phone App Store. However unfortunately there was another third app which leaked images of users who have used the service. In response to that Snapchat didn’t improve their service to make it more secure or anything but did strictly ban all third party apps. On Windows Phone there was still no other option except some third party apps at this time, therefore people kept using these apps, at least until Snapchat said that they will permanently ban people from Snapchat if they continue to use Third Party Snapchat Apps.

Evan Spiegel (Snapchat CEO)
“I don’t think anyone uses those”

Currently there is even running a petition on the internet to convince the CEO of Snapchat to develop a Windows Phone App with his team, however Evan Spiegel once said the following: “I don’t think anyone uses those”; If you know this quote you might have given up already on a Snapchat App for Windows Phone. As you can see at the Tweet embed below, the Snapchat Support today responded to a question which was about the arrival of a Snapchat App at the Windows Platform. There they said that an app is in the works and will be released in the future.
Of course this is not an official statement by the company itself but just from the Snapchat Support Team at Twitter and they might have only misspoken but faith dies last.

@raphaeu There are plans to make it available in the future, we'll give deetswhen that's close. Hope this helps! 🙂

— Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) May 16, 2015

So since this comment comes ‘only’ from the Snapchat support team you might take these news with a grain of salt but this could be a good sign. At the BUILD Conference in San Francisco Microsoft has announced that it will be very easy to port Android and iOS Apps to Windows Phone in the bright future so maybe this has finally convinced the Snapchat team to develop an App. Although I am sure Rudy Huyn would have offered his Windows Phone App to continue work there. However this is at least a bit we are getting an we will see what the future brings.

Be sure to drop me a comment below with your opinion on this story and if you think a Snapchat app for Windows (Mobile) is near or if we will have to wait another century for the app. Stay tuned for more information about the Snapchat Service and Windows 10.

Source: WMPowerUser