Windows 10 Build 10120 brings ability to open apps through Voice Commands



Back in January Microsoft introduced together with Windows 10 also it’s plans to bring the personal assistant Cortana to the Desktop version of the operating system. Now as every feature in the current Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Cortana is not completely finished yet and has still some rough edges, however at the BUILD Conference in San Francisco some weeks ago Microsoft has shown off some cool new features for Cortana which will be included once the operating system is finished. Some features which have been shown at this Conference were for example the ability to connect with third-party apps, a compact Cortana, and much more.

The guys at Neowin have got their hands on a new Build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, Build 10120, which is including some new features of the personal assistant. There have been brought several new features to the personal assistant with this version of Windows 10, one thing was the dark theme which is now not only available for the Settings app and some other parts of Windows 10 but also for Cortana. Apart from the dark theme there is now also included a compact version from Cortana and the ability to open Apps through voice commands as you can see in the embed GIF below:

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So like it is shown above, if you give Cortana a voice command it will open the app, this is also working with usual Win 32 Apps like the file explorer or Windows Media Player. In the current Build which has been released by Microsoft this is also possible by typing in the command but not by telling Cortana which app to open.
Let me know your opinion below in comments about these new features for Cortana. Stay tuned for more information about future Updates for Cortana and new Builds of Windows 10.

Source: Neowin via WMPowerUser