3.9 Million Windows Insiders are testing Windows 10 Insider Preview



In January Microsoft has already got 2.2 Million Windows Insiders who were testing the Windows 10 Insider Preview, or at this time still known as the Technical Preview. Now earlier this month at the BUILD Conference in San Francisco Microsoft proudly presented the new numbers of Windows Insiders and people who are currently using the Windows 10 Technical Preview. At this time 3.7 Million Users were testing the Windows Insider Preview and had installed at least one copy of the Windows 10 Preview version.

Today we have the 13th of May and the company has announced new numbers again, it seems to be a bit senseless to release new numbers in such a short period but hey Microsoft has just got another 200.000 Windows Insiders who are now using the Windows Insider Preview on one of their devices. That means that there are now 3.9 Million Windows Insiders who are using the Preview version of Windows 10 worldwide.
Hearing these new numbers, it means that Microsoft could probably attract a few more people around the globe at the BUILD Conference to test the upcoming final operating system of the company. At the BUILD several important details for developers have been announced and also for consumers there were one or two things which are important.
However Microsoft has not only released new numbers of the Windows Insider Community but has also introduced the name portfolio of Windows 10 and all the different versions in which it will be available in summer. With this Microsoft has confirmed the name of the Mobile OS, Windows 10 Mobile, and more.

Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on the current Windows 10 Insider Preview for Desktop and Mobile devices. Are there still some features which you are missing? Stay tuned for more information about new Windows 10 Build releases and related stuff.