Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10114: Overhauled Start Menu / Screen & Dark Theme



A few days ago WinBeta has uploaded another Video with a new Version of Windows 10. This time it is Windows 10 Build 10114 and it is a Insider Preview Build for Desktop PC’s. Microsoft has already said that they are planning a release of the operating system for this summer and this can be seen also in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds. Things are getting more and more mature with every Build and there are included all major changes already. The system is not that stable yet like you would expect the final version to be and there will be added some more features to current Beta Apps and some new features to the OS but Microsoft is not expected to bring any huge new design changes with the upcoming Builds.

One of these little changes is visible in the leaked Windows 10 Build 10114, which has not been officially released by Microsoft but has been published illegally and can be downloaded also. First changes you will notice in the video from WinBeta are just small ones. At the top of the current Start Menu you can see your Profile Picture and below there are 3 links which are directing you to File Explorer, Documents and Settings. Now the File Explorer and Settings have got an Icon and have been moved to the bottom of the Start menu where you can also find the Power Button. The Documents link has been completely removed.
The Button to expand your Start Menu has been removed too. Instead of that you can now use a Burger Menu there. Expanding the Start Menu is still possible but you can now find this option in Settings under Personalization –> Start. There you can set three things:

  • Occasionally show app and content suggestions in the Start menu
  • Store and display recently opened programs in start
  • Show the recently added apps group

Furthermore you can turn on or off to ‘use full-screen Start when in the desktop’ and ‘Store and display recently opened items in Start and the taskbar’. These are some cool new additions to the new Start Menu which are making it a bit more customizable and mature. If you use the full-screen Start, apps are displayed a bit bigger and the Burger Menu at the upper left corner allows you to show or hide the app list.

Also new in Build 10114 is the overhauled Icon for the devices section which you can see inside the settings app and the slider in settings has got a new design. The Windows Insider app has been overhauled too, therefor it features now a Burger Menu and you can quickly jump between and overview which you see when you open the app, announcements, alerts and your profile. Inside your profile you can see for example which achievements you have and Known Issues are now marked as one.
What else is new? Last but not least there is now also a better dark desing like we know it from Windows Phone. There are still some design bugs in this dark theme like for example the app bar is still in light color in some apps ore the name of the app is written in black where it should be white though progress is visible and you can see where Microsoft wants to get with the dark theme.

For a more detailed look at the changes which have been included in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10114 you should have a look at the Video embed below which has been uploaded by WinBeta a couple of days ago.
Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion of the Windows Insider Preview Build and what you think about the direction which Microsoft is heading in. Stay tuned for more information about new Windows Insider Builds.

Source: WinBeta