New Microsoft Office Excel App appears in leaked Windows 10 Mobile Screenshots



Originally Microsoft was set to release a preview version of Office Mobile at the end of April, however the company has not made it to release the new Office Suite for mobile devices until this date and so they have said us we will get it this week. It has not been said how the new Office Suite will be published, if it will be available in the App Store to download or if a new Build will be released with the Office Suite pre installed. Now the week is almost coming to an end, and we still have not seen a new version of Office for Windows 10 Mobile.
Microsoft has actually said that the next version of the Windows 10 Insider Preview for Phones will support also the Nokia Lumia 930 / Icon but did also say with that, that a new Build will not bee released that soon. This might suggest that we will not get a new Build where these apps are preinstalled but will have to download them from the App Store.


So Microsoft has promised us a new version of Office for Mobile devices, but has not released one. Nevertheless, ITHome has got its hands on a leaked version of the Windows 10 Insider Preview for Phones. Unfortunately the screenshots are in Chinese language which does not make it easy to understand it, but at least it is giving us a good overview what the mobile version of Office will look like.
Features can not be really identified with this but then there is at least some surprise left for the time when Microsoft finally releases the Office Preview for mobile devices. Below you can have a look at a gallery of screenshots which ITHome has uploaded.

Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion about the design of the upcoming Office Preview for Mobile devices, for the full gallery of screenshots please visit ITHome via the source link below. Stay tuned for upcoming news about the Office Preview and new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds.

Source: ITHome via WindowsCentral